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Nicole began sketching faces at an early age, which cultivated her advanced skills in highlighting, contouring, shading and color theory. Her background in art gave her the finesse and intuition to know how to accentuate the best features of every client. When you can look in the mirror and realize how beautiful you truly are, not how beautiful your makeup is, that is when Nicole feels she has done her best work. She gives women an experience which becomes a defining moment for so many: honest recognition, “I am beautiful.”

For the last 9 years, Nicole has been unparalleled in the bridal industry. Her work and reputation created a demand too big to fill on her own, so she hand-picked a team she personally trained to her caliber of excellence and precision and has run the Power house known as Powder Inc. since 2010. Powder Inc. has been nominated by Oregon Bride Magazine for Best Hair & Makeup for 4 years straight and has won the award twice in 2011 and 2014. Nicole has also received multiple other awards and accolades and her work has been featured in Sports Illustrated and on the cover of Oregon Bride Magazine

Nicole prides herself on perfection. No service or training is finished without the elite level of service she strives for. This is not only limited to her detailed and precise make up style, but also her genuine, kind personality and commitment to pleasing her clients.

After 12 years growing her bridal business, Nicole has stepped into more training and education for 2018 and onward. Her lifelong dream has been to teach and with the virtual world we all live in now, she is able to help many more women than ever before by giving them skills that will allow them to feel beautiful anytime they wish. She is excited to share the wealth of knowledge she has gained from personally working on over 800 weddings and thousands of faces the last 12years. Over her career she has successfully trained over 10 different Portland makeup artists who she believes now raise the bar on the beauty industry in Portland. For more information on Nicole’s online Master Your Makeup classes visit the tab at the top of this page.