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Make-up Workshops

Makeup Workshhops

Workshops are held periodically throughout the year and will be announced on Facebook, Instagram, and our blog. Workshops are a group setting of 10-50 people where Nicole Demonstrates a makeup on her model and varies in their focus and curriculum. Upcoming workshops will be listed here and also announced on Nicole's instagram page @powderincmakeup.

Email Nicole for more info and to register: Powder@powderincbeauty.com


A start to finish demo of how to create the perfect Powder Inc. makeup. Learn the tips and tricks that set her makeup apart and have made them so easily recognizable. She will walk you through a detailed account of her makeup application, along with her explanation of which brushes, techniques, and products to use, giving clear and understandable directions of how to complete perfect makeup from the pre-makeup consult, to the last touch of lip gloss! Take as many notes as you want and then ask questions during a Q&A session after the makeup is complete. You will leave with a start-to-finish plan of how to go home and create a flawless face on yourself or your next client!


A demo on how to create the precise eye poppin’ makeup Nicole has become known for on 3 diff eye shapes and sizes. Often artists can create a pretty makeup on someone with perfectly shaped eyes, but what do you do when someone sits in your chair that has a hooded lid, very small eyes or mature eyes etc.? Nicole will address many of these issues so you can create amazing eyes on ALL your clients, everytime!


How to properly contour, highlight and choose correct foundation for 3 diff skin tones/face shapes. Contouring and highlighting is an art and Nicole will walk you through how to do this on VERY fair skin so their contouring doesn’t look orange or “dirty” as well as how to do this on very dark skin tones bringing out the rich colors in their skin and making them “glow”. She will also teach you how to contour and highlight a variety of diff face shapes to give the most flattering appearance to your clients finished look.

*Mini workshops are also held on individual lash application.

*Workshops vary in price from $50 – $300/ per person.

*It is HIGHLY recommended you attend Workshop 1 before attending 2 and 3.


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